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Welcome to CCC

Mail Order Corals, For sale online


Sustainable Coral frags and Colonies

Grown in Cornwall

Delivered throughout the UK

Professional packing, Live arrival guarantee


Specialising in Colourful

SPS, LPS, Zoa, Gorgonian and Soft coral frags

suitable for beginners Starting their first reef tank, or experienced reefers looking for colour

Fantastic Prices and Deals Available

Great packs of starter/beginners corals

as well as stunning high end frags


eGift Cards make great gifts


We only supply hardy corals for Saltwater aquariums


Farmed from corals in my own reef aquariums,

to create your own ultimate reef tank.


CCC corals for all systems whether you use a

Protein Skimmer, Live rock,

Manual dosing, dosing pumps,

Aquarium computer, Aquarium controller,

Automated aquarium testing or Manual testing.


Get the Latest offers direct to your in box. We won't Spam you or pass your details to anyone.

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