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Hi I'm Mark,

I started reefkeeping in 1999 and quickly realised my favourite part of the saltwater hobby was propagating corals, it was also very apparent that the corals propagated in captivity were far hardier than those brought in from the wild.  It didn't take long for me to decide the only corals I would add to my collection would be those that had stood the test of time in the hobby rather than the newer varieties collected straight from the ocean.

I love bright colours so most of the varieties I grow are ones that I find most attractive and are nearly always bright! I keep varieties of SPS, LPS, Zoas, Soft Corals, Mushrooms and Gorgonians. If a coral you want is marked out of stock, I may have a few tucked away so feel free to drop me a message


All my corals are propagated by myself here in sunny Cornwall.

I believe this is the most sustainable future for our hobby and this promotes coral varieties that are most suited to our marine aquariums, increasing the joy our reef tanks and reducing the heartache from newly imported specimens that are not able to cope with aquarium conditions.

I'm always happy to offer advice and help where I can just send me a message whether its advice to a new hobbyist about husbandry, lighting etc or putting together a bespoke frag pack. I'll always reply as quickly as possible even if a message is sent late at night or early in the morning, if I'm awake to read it I'll more than likely respond straight away.


I am currently Mail Order only so viewing the coral farm is not possible at this time.


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